#MCE55 Event

December 6th 2016 - Brussels

Disruption, Connectivity and Speed: Are you ready?

Today, we are all living and working in a VUCA world. It is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. What does this really mean though? How can you cope and make sure that your company not only survives, but continues to grow in this world?

Business models are changing, faster than we can write about them. New technologies pop-up almost every month. We hear about Generation X, Generation Y and the Millennials. So what does all this mean?

Everyone is also talking about disruption. Disruptive technologies, disruption in the industries, and even disruption in recruitment and employee best practices. Disruption basically means things are going happen that you haven’t even thought about or planned for. So what are you going to do? You can panic or you can adapt.

The best companies adapt and they adapt quickly. But the big question is how do they manage to adapt so quickly? And why can’t my company adapt?

You probably hear a lot about social media, Internet, smartphones, live chat and everything else. We have never been more connected and interconnected. This means that maybe your clients know more about your company than some of your employees do. They also expect you to be connected with them. You can’t keep people at the arm’s-length any more – not clients, not suppliers and not your employees. But how do you manage to keep calm and keep things relatively under control in a connected world? How connected should be? Do you need to be connected 24/7? For 365?

It used to be fine to contact a client back within two working days. Today, if you don’t contact the client back within a couple of hours, they have already probably sent you five tweets, two Facebook messages and contacted your CEO on LinkedIn. Within a couple of hours of launching your new product, the competitors have already updated their own website with a competitive product. It is all moving so fast. So how do you maintain the momentum? Should you always move fast? Is speed always good?

If you find these topics relevant, interesting part of the challenges you are facing today, why not join other professionals like yourself at #MCE55 event in December 2016. At the event, we will be dealing with the three key challenges of disruption, connectivity and speed.

What makes this event different?

How many times have you been sitting in a conference and looked around and realised most people are playing with their smartphones. They are answering emails and texting their employees. They might even be posting updates on Facebook or LinkedIn. But they are not paying attention to the conference. Let’s face it, the old traditional conferences are boring. No one wants to sit for two days and be talked at. So at MCE, we thought let’s organise an event that we would like to attend as well. Let’s organise an event for 2016 and not an event from 1980.

Each of our speakers will give just a 15 minute overview of what they are passionate about and also outline some of the challenges. They will also suggest what they think could be solutions. They have only 15 minutes. If you’re interested in the topic and really want to get involved, you then simply join one of the 90 minute hosted conversations. These 90 minute conversations with the speakers are hosted and are designed to be discussions, debates, full of questions, interactions and basically let you talk and interact with each other. We know you have a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to the table – so bring it to the table. We want you to network and interact together and of course with our speakers too. We want you to leave with answers to your challenges.

#MCE55 Event – December 6th 2016

Location Brussels


Why should you come to the #MCE55 event?

Here are some of the good reasons why you should join the event:

  • Great international and high-profile speakers who are passionate about their topics but also have solutions
  • Participants are business people like you from across the EMEA region so you will interact and network to find common ground
  • The format of this event is different, really different. We guarantee you won’t be bored. You will be able to talk, interact, ask questions, answer questions, debate and challenge each other.
  • Come with challenges and leave with solutions
  • Music, music and even more music. We have built in music throughout the event and Marc van Roon and the NAIP Team will make sure that you get involved. Music is part of creativity and want to make sure that you are creative during the event.

Did we mention the big birthday party at the end of day one? All participants are invited to attend the MCE 55th birthday party at the end of day one. So if you like music, like dancing, want some great food and like to party… then you are definitely invited!


Rue de l’Aqueduc 118, 1050 Brussels – Belgium

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