#MCE55 Event

December 6th 2016 - Brussels

Event Programme


MCE Welcome

What has changed in learning and development in the time (past 50 years) that MCE has been operating in a global marketplace

Rudi Plettinx, Managing Director MCE


Opening Keynote

The Future of (Almost) Everything

Radical, disruptive changes, agile leadership and what it all means for your business

Patrick Dixon, Author, Futurist, Chairman, Global Change, UK




The VUCA World – An Opportunity for Growth

Nils van Dam, Unilever, Belgium


Sustainable Trends to Survive in This VUCA World

What do you know about the future of your company? How well can you predict the outcomes of your present strategy and actions? Our business world has to deal with a high rate of change, multiple key decision factors and a lack of clarity about the influence of the present political and economic events  on your company. More than ever before sustainability seams the key to corporate success.

Nathalie Bekx, Time4Society, Belgium


Introduction to the Bedderx App

A leading edge app that focuses on a leaders personal well-being as a corner stone to his or her leadership presence and self awareness. The app is designed using insights from leadership and neuroscience to trigger and to nudge, in a personalised way, support for the creation of new habits and thinking patterns.

What makes you and your people get out of bed in the morning? In short for many it’s a sense of wanting to belong and achieve. A good leader knows how to stimulate these drivers.

Krijn Donker






Recharge Your Batteries: – How to Sustain Your Energy and Resilience in a Disruptive Environment?

In this practical and interactive workshop you will have an opportunity to try out 4 basic tools to sustain your energy and resilience when pressure is abundant and time to recharge scarce. A short template with a clear methodology will offer you a theoretical structure to build further on what you have experienced during the workshop.

Francesca Giulia Mereu, Self Care Coaching, Switzerland

Managing a Portfolio in a Dynamic Environment Where Disruptions Are Frequent

In a frequently changing environment it is difficult to construct a portfolio of projects to deliver a business’s strategic goals.

Managing in this environment requires adaptability and agility. This presentation will demonstrate how disruptions are managed and business goals delivered.

George Merguerian, GBMC and Robin Vincent Smith, MSF, Belgium

Navigating and Surfing Business in a Complex Phase, a Sea of Uncertainty and Little Control

Complex living systems need a new way of thinking and making decisions. Right and wrong often ceases to have meaning, instead the art of navigating, harvesting and surfing become relevant, as we deal with contexts that contain too much or no information and too many uncontrollable variables and relationships for one head to think about and keep under control.

The inclusive nature of complexity means that we have to map and remap the various topographies involved,  the relationships and connections involved in potential interventions and decisions, need to be identified, before pressing the button – Avoiding where possible unintended consequences and problem–solution loops.

Harvesting the richness of inclusive practice means understanding the differences between linear and non linear contexts. Navigating complex systems is a whole dimension of thought, design and heuristics.

Julian Still, Miller and Complexity Practitioner at Flietermolen, Belgium

(Surprising) Keys to Building an Innovative & Disruptive Organization

A highly engaging keynote on how to build capacity to achieve a meaningful & innovative organization.  Drawing on research, a very practical, the highlights include:

  • Lessons from swarms for capacity building and innovation
  • The Hollywood model of organizations as a driver for capacity
  • Self-Leadership and self-reliance as key factors
  • Meaning and vision as key leadership responsibilities.
  • Collaboration as a key factor

Lars Sudmann,  Advisor, Speaker, Coach on Leadership and Change, Managing Partner, Sudmann & Company




Your Journey to a Sustainable Business, From Matter to Meaning

How do you adapt your strategy to the permanent changes in our society?

How do you create value in this disruptive times? What makes that you are able to translate complexity in concrete output, service, methods,concepts and societal interests?  How can your organization deal successfully with change nowadays?

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem, Managing Director, Accord Group, Belgium


Closing Keynote

Pioneering the Possible: Awakening Leadership for a World That Works

A revolution in leadership is essential to confront the great challenges and complexities of our world. The way forward requires a radical shift in consciousness, in how we value ourselves and others, what we prioritise and how we transform outmoded behaviours and decision making processes.

Scilla Elworthy, Peace Builder and the Founder of the Oxford Research Group, UK

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Evening Keynote

Score and Core

We live in jazzy times. Professional musician Marc van Roon and his NAIP team will share a vision, creative experience and aesthetic perspective on how we can utilise the art of music and improvisation to co- create new, effective and sustainable narratives and paradigms for an inspiring leadership and working life.

Marc van Roon and his musicians



Cocktails in the Lobby

MCE55 Celebration Dinner